“The good-to-great companies understood that doing what you are good at will only make you good; focusing solely on what you can potentially do better than any other organization is the only path to greatness.”
研究显示成功企业关键之一是专注做最擅长的 (刺猬原则)

From Good to Great


About Us

Free up Your Time!

Our goal: Free up your time for back-end support functions

We are consulting firm who is Proud to contribute to our Client:

How we Helped our Client

  • Loan success RM200m
  • Tax saving by 50%
  • Reduce staff hours (30%) and remote working : Operational tasks automation
  • Costs saving 60%
  • Setup + Licence + Finance and account (including cash flow)

Who We Are

  • 10+ years experience
  • Big 4 audit firm
  • Multiple industries
    Property + Construction + Production + Trading + Hotel + Utilities
  • ACCA + MIA Qualification

You can get more Money,
but cannot get more Time.
Focus what you Do Best.

If You face these problems, We are Here.

Why always cash flow tight?

  • Business has profit, but where is my money?
  • Is my staff taking good care of my money?
  • How can I make the money work for me?

Tax Saving and Compliance

  • What? LHDN again?
  • Afraid of penalty?
  • Tired of audit queries?

Staff  / People / Manpower

  • Why my staff acting like my boss?
  • Why I have few staff but I am still very busy?
  • My staff turnover is high
  • Poor staff attitude affecting my sales

Company Setup

  • When shall I setup company?
  • Can I minimise starting costs
  • Need to get business up and running…NOW

Our Services

It isn’t just accounting. Our Logo says it, it is about You.

Management Consultancy and Services



Tax *

Audit *

Company Secretarial *

* By colloborative licenced business partners.

Our Fees

AccountsBookkeeping and analysisfrom RM 600
Tax ComputationPrepare Form C and tax computationfrom RM 900
AuditYearly auditfrom RM1,000

Other services to be separately quoted.

Refer Us to Get Exclusive Fees.


Contact Us

Email: elaine@ysmco.com.my mail, message, email-1454734.jpg

Phone: +6 0123719092  soon, vector, whatsapp-873316.jpg   smartphone, mobile, phone-1132677.jpg